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to Crush Anxiety. 

Break Habits. 

Have the Body you Want for Good


Get the body you want - for good?

Most of my clients are REALLY good at losing weight - they've already done it many times!!

They come to me because they want to lose weight sustainably, to keep it off, to get rid of fat for life. This often involves dealing with things that most people never associate with weight gain - such as anxiety.

How would you like to know the real reason you are overweight and why traditional diets don't work long term and what the new way of losing weight looks like?

Book a complementary consultation and I’ll let you know and talk through what it could mean for you.

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Crush anxiety, panic or even depression?

Did you know that what you feel is probably perfectly normal? It's the result of millions of years of evolution.  It's healthy brain processes that have become problematic and poorly adapted to modern life.  

How would you like to know the real reason you feel the way you do or  have the issues you are experiencing? How good would it be to finally understand what is going on and, more importantly, what you can do about it? 

My clients often tell me I was the first person who really helped them to understand and give them the answers they were looking for.

Book a complementary consultation - at the very least you'll get a new insight and way forward.

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Break that habit - overwrite, don't overcome!

Problem behaviours don't have deeper roots, they have faster routes.  They are just things you have become subconsciously very good at. Whether it's a phobia, bad habit, addiction or uncontrollable urges or reactions.

Here's the the thing - if they are subconscious behaviours why try to solve them consciously? Trying to 'overcome' them or learn new behaviours hoping that the new ones will win can take a long time and be very arduous! Why not 'overwrite' the old behaviour instead with something better for you, automatically?

I work with the root cause to understand it, transform it and change your life.

Book a complementary consultation to find out more

about Me


I'm a Certified Clinical hypnotherapist,  HeartMath Professional and Thought Field Therapy Clinician.

I can help you overcome a range of issues from addictions to weight loss, from Trauma to PTSD, from phobias to confidence issues and from IBS to Pain Management.

I have now helped hundreds of clients to achieve results they never thought possible - check out my videos and testimonials. 

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andrew flounders

My background is as Registered Social Worker which I gave up to become a full time Therapist and Foster Carer.

My personal and professional experience is so wide I WILL understand you and what you are going through. 

My priority is to give you a personalised, professional and confidential therapy experience and to help you make the changes that you so want in your life.


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PTSD Sorted

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Virtual Gastric Band

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Get Over Your Phobia

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Success with IBS and Anxiety

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Getting Back on the Horse

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Power Boost your Confidence

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