I'm Andrew Flounders and welcome to my website. I am a highly experienced and highly regarded professional hypnotherapist and therapist based in Morpeth and serving the North East, the UK and international clients via Skype. I offer face to face therapy from my own premises in Watson House Holistic Therapy Centre. 
I do what I do because I see results, I have the enormously satisfying experience of see evidence based miracles on a regular basis. People who come to see me have been burdened by something often for many years and often have delayed seeking help because they just couldn't believe that it could go away - let alone quickly. And quick doesn't mean temporary or less effective. Imagine your problem as a balloon and you try to let it down slowly. It can be difficult, painful and the ballon can always be pumped up again!. Fast therapies are just like bursting the balloon - it's rapid, effective and it's A LOT harder to get it back again. It's working with your brain to bring about the change.
I have an established reputation for achieving excellent and often rapid results with all kinds of issues from addictions to weight loss, from Trauma to PTSD, from phobias to confidence issues and from IBS to Pain Management. I have now helped hundreds of clients to achieve results they never thought possible - check out my videos and testimonials. 
I use a range of powerful, modern, neuroscience based techniques and everything I do is evidence based and proven to be effective.  I am Trained in Advanced HypnotherapyThought Field TherapyNLP and BrainWorking Recursive Therapy (BWRT) and you can find out more about these techniques here. My approach with you will be as unique as you are - I use what will work for YOU.
I have a background in Professional Social Work dealing with abuse and supporting victims and families who have experienced significant trauma and for whom a a professional, confidential and sensitive service is essential. You can be assured you will receive the same. I also have significant experience professionally and personally in working with children and young people who have experienced childhood trauma and I am very happy to work with children providing a responsible adult is present. I have relevant insurance and clearances to undertake this work.
You are an individual and in therapy there is no one size fits all. That's why I have a range of tools and the skills and experience to know what to use when.
My approach with you will be as unique as you are.


01670 511293 or 07717223839 - Watson House, Morpeth, Northumberland NE611QF andrew@andrewflounders.com

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