I'm Andrew Flounders owner of  Watson House Holistic Therapy Centre based in Morpeth and serving the North East, the UK and international clients via Skype.  I use Hypnosis a powerful, safe, drug free way of creating change and healing. It is also a naturally occurring state much like daydreaming. In the most simplistic terms it can be described as an altered state of consciousness or a 'trance' like state. It is concentration on a single focus or goal. 
It is in our subconscious that our most powerful habits, behaviours, beliefs and values are learned and stored. It is our subconscious that drives survival, irrational fears, automatic responses, beliefs and habits and it is the subconscious that needs to be utilised to overcome those behaviours. This is done through using appropriate suggestions designed for you and by exploring the 'Root Cause' of issues if needed. Using hypnosis I have helped many clients achieve excellent results from addictions to weight loss, from Trauma to PTSD, from phobias to confidence issues and from IBS to Pain Management.
Put simply hypnosis is a state of focused attention, there are no rules, it is yourself, looking at you, and so your experience will be totally unique.
You are an individual and in therapy there is no one size fits all. That's why I have a range of tools and the skills and experience to know what to use when.
My approach with you will be as unique as you are.
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