Ditch the Diet and Unleash Your Slim

I love helping people lose weight, or rather 'Unleash their Slim'. 'Losing’ has so many negative connotations and in my experience the whole process of losing weight is already a miserable struggle for most people.
But it doesn't have to be that way.
My whole approach is based on ‘Ditching the Diet’.  Diets can work if you follow them but for most people it's a short term fix. Why? Well I believe it’s because diets are a self imposed prison sentence - we do them for a reason, an end goal (that outfit, that holiday, that special event) - and when we achieve that goal, we get out of jail and we go back to old habits and the weight piles on again.
And the thing about habits is that they are subconscious.
How many food decisions do you consciously make a day? 3? 5? 10? 20? Maybe even 30? Work done by Brian Wansink shows we make over 200!! Largely subconsciously. Everything around us affects our eating and our eating choices - it often has nothing to do with hunger.  Family, friends, packaging and plates, containers, placement of food, smells, colours, childhood experiences, emotions and so on all influence what we eat and how much!!
And it's nearly all subconscious! 
Most of us in modern life 'Eat by Numbers’ - numbers of calories, time of day, numbers of portions, numbers of grams, amount of fat, protein, carbs and the number on the scales when we dare to look at them! Our eating decisions are driven by cravings, habit and impulse - we have lost touch with our bodies and our own natural weight regulation systems - your 'Inner Slim'.
And it's nearly all subconscious.
And to cap it all, our Brain is evolved to give us a wonderful Dopamine hit right in our VTA (Ventral segmental area) whenever we see or eat high calorie density foods such as fatty, sugary, starchy or high protein foods.
And it's all subconscious.

So, what do I do that’s different and what makes it effective? I work with your subconscious. I use a combination of tried and tested, evidence based and effective techniques to help you take back your life, to own your relationship with food and to unleash your in built ‘slim machine’. I work with you and your brain to change habits where they need to be changed.
I use hypnosis. It works with your subconscious. Using hypnosis and a range of other powerful tools I can retrain your subconscious, reset your hunger mechanism and get you eating how should and in a way that is uniquely right for you.
I use Thought Field Therapy and NLP with hypnosis to tackle cravings and other surprising issues that effect your weight such as toxins and anxiety or emotional stress.
I also use visualisation and 'motivation activators' to get you on the right path and make regaining your slim effortless. This is a NON DIET approach, NO more eating by numbers; NO restricted foods: No weekly weigh-ins - it's about achieving the SHAPE and SIZE you want: NO being 'good' or 'naughty', just changing your relationship with food for good and losing weight as a by product.
In fact, I can help you to enjoy food more!!
The system utilises the most powerful elements of the The Virtual Gastric Band System and isn't just about eating less.  It's about completing reseting everything you thought you knew about why you eat, what you eat and when you eat. It's about re-activating your own natural, built in weight management system and saying goodbye to all the self-imposed, unrealistic, restriction based regimes that often don't work long term. 
I'm based at my own premises in Watson House Morpeth and help clients all over the North East. I will also be running group workshops introducing this approach. 
Book your one to one strategy meeting now and take that first step to changing your life.


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