What is a Phobia? It's an extreme fear, usually also described as an irrational fear though I don't always agree with that as some people have a very good reason for fearing certain things. I prefer to call them 'outdated' fears as often the original reason for developing them has gone and you're left with an annoying, embarrassing and sometimes frightening residual problem.
So why do we get them? Well there are different reasons. A common one is as a result of a severe trauma. So, for example, you fall in a wasps nests as a child and now you're terrified of swaps. Some are inherited, believe it or not, passed down from generations as a genetically encoded survival strategy -  know as epigenetics.  Some are as a result of 'vicarious learning', that is we pick them up as children by being exposed to 'fearful' type behaviours of significant adults around us. Some just seem to defy explanation. We just don't why.

Get Over Your Phobia

Wherever they come from the same part of the brain is responsible.  It's sometimes know as the fear centre or Reptile Brain. It's one of the first parts of the brain to have evolved and it's job is to process threat and keep you alive. It's actual name is the Amygdala. The reason fears and phobias feel irrational is exactly because they are being 'fired' deep within your non-conscious well before your neo-mammalian or advanced human brain can get a look in.
In that sense they are 'Pre-Rational', automatic reactions that generally don't respond, or respond very slowly, to rational, logical thought processes.
So how can I help you get over them? Well, the reason my approach is so effective is that it works with your brain, your Amygdala and limbic system to be precise. I get to the root of the issue. With my support we can identify your specific triggers, get your Amygdala doing what it does and then give it something better to do, something you want. The end result is that the old triggers create a new response. It's like removing an old outdated DVD and replacing it with a new movie. And the good thing is that this can often be done very fast.
So don't be a slave to your reptile brain any longer. I offer a 30 minute one to one Strategy Discussion you can find out about it here
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