More Obesity Alarm Bells - how do you feel about that?

June 3, 2015



The Guardian has reported that Obesity causes 1 in 5 cancers. At the world’s biggest conference on cancer, it was claimed that obesity was killing tens of thousands of people a year in Britain and it is about to replace tobacco as the leading preventable cause of cancer in the west, according to a report in the Times.



Are you obese, have you struggled to lose weight for a long time? Were you aware of the link between Obesity and cancer? What impact does it have on you to read these headlines? Maybe you have an instinctive, gut response to anything you read about obesity - 'that's not me, I'm not that overweight, I can lose weight when I need to......'.  Maybe you feel hopeless, ugly, frustrated, depressed.  It's important to think about how you feel and to be aware of what these headlines do to you because that's the start of understanding your 'strategies' and what motivates you or not! If you are overweight and have struggled with this for a long time then, clearly, such headlines have not been enough to cause you to change. Either you have developed a strategy to ignore them or you feel trapped and unable to make the changes you need to.


I either the case 'you need to do something different'. What you are doing is not working. If you are in denial about your weight and the impact on your health, then you owe it to yourself to take notice and take action. If you feel frustrated, trapped or hopeless, then you need to take control and take action. DO SOMETHING.


Obesity is about behaviours.  Those behaviours may have significant underlying emotional causes and that is where therapy can help. The key is to understand and to change those behaviours. DO SOMETHING. Do something, today.



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