'Sleepio' attacks the awakogens and stimulates the napogens...

June 3, 2015

Okay, so that’s a bad reference to a


’s episode but Sleepio is the latest CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) approach to helping you to get a better night’s sleep. It’s online and you can access it here.


Sleep is such a basic, simple, crucial human activity and yet so many people struggle to get enough of it. And the more you struggle, the more frustrated you get , the bigger deal it becomes and you set yourself up to lose even more of it.  You literally lose sleep over not getting enough sleep.  This article in the Telegraph asks you consider what type of sleeper you are and has some interesting thoughts on how to improve sleeping patterns including discussion on Sleepio!


Some other useful ideas I've come across are:

Get outdoors! Get as much natural light as you can during the day – flood your senses with natural light as this helps your internal clock to identify that it’s daytime.


When it’s near bedtime – turn off those screens! Switch off TV’s, laptops, phones, they will impair your ability to rest by reducing your ability to produce melatonin the natural sleep drug.


Take naps, but keep them short.  Over 15-20 minutes will impair your ability to get to sleep


Set a caffeine cut-off. You need to radically reduce caffeine intake if you like your coffee.  You also need to set a time when you will stop drinking before you go to bed and stick to it.


Get an App.  Okay, I know I said to turn off the mobile phone but there are some useful ambient sound apps that you may find helpful.  Do a quick search in the app store or google play.


Keep the bedroom for sleep (and intimacy).  Try to build a strong physical and behavioural association between to going to the bedroom and going to sleep.  If you have an office in the bedroom or you exercise in there, you may need to re-think this an try alternative arrangements


Routine helps – set a regular bedtime and also try to get up at the same time everyday


Still struggling, or had long-term issues then hypnotherapy can help – why not get in touch

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