Merry Christmas and Don't Let those Resolutions turn Your Ho, Ho, Ho into a No, No, No.

December 17, 2015


Well, Christmas is almost upon us. That heady mix of excitement, anticipation, stress and, usually, excess of all kinds. Family, tradition, TV, Radio and Supermarkets are telling us what Christmas means and what you need to make it a merry one. It can be hard meeting all those expectations. And then there are all those good intentions that permeate our celebrations. Good intentions to be fitter, happier and healthier once all the festivities are over with. And that’s where the New Year Resolutions kick in. Christmas then New Year. A match made in heaven, it’s like a fantastic credit card deal, buy now on interest free and pay later. Along the lines of a mega festive blowout followed by Sobriety, Diets, Smoking Cessation or hitting the gym. Sometimes having the plan in place can justify the indulgence or just lessen the ‘guilt’. Party while you can, pay later.


And that’s understandable, I mean, come on, Ho, Ho, Ho sounds so much more fun that No, No, No. It invokes ideas of partying, drinking with all the associated trimmings. Christmas Dinner with the Nut Roast, crackers, decorations, Secret Santa, Funny hats, letting go and letting loose. It’s also a time to ‘put off’ - I’ll just get Christmas over with then……..

Now, I’m not saying this to be a misery guts or portent of things to come. I’ll be partying as hard as anyone else - in fact if you see me you can buy me a drink. The issue for me is with the No, No, No. It’s just so negative. With it’s dark implications of ‘Giving up’, ‘Denial’, ‘Sacrifice’, ‘Being Good’, not ‘Sinning’. We brace ourselves for the battle of the will that will surely come - New Year, New Me and this time I MEAN it. It all sounds like such hard work. No wonder people put it off to the New Year as something that they have to ‘resolve’ to do, like clearing out the garage.


And, yes, it does take some effort - making a decision, picking up the phone, attending an appointment all take some motivation and commitment, but beyond that it really depends on how you going about changing things as to how onerous it is. Traditionally, changing lifestyles and habits is hard. Whatever your habit is you have programmed yourself very effectively to do that thing and want that thing and you can’t imagine not wanting it or craving it or being without it or not doing it - it’s part of you. You have become unconsciously competent at them, just like driving a car - it was a real struggle at first but now you do it without thinking. It's the same for most habits, cravings and lifestyle issues. So, not only are you trying to change or stop doing something that you probably like doing anyway but it's going to be a battle.


The trick is to tackle those very same subconscious strategies that drive the undesirable habits and turn them to your benefit. What if you could become unconsciously competent at different healthier habits? What if desire could be turned into disinterest? What if you could be excited about losing weight, motivated to attend the gym? What if you could change your habits naturally and enjoy what you do even more? This is possible when you fully utilise the same resources that you used to create them in the first place - your sub-conscious mind.


So, have a Merry Christmas and a great New Year and maybe this year your resolution could be to not try to change the same old things the same old way, but to succeed - differently. Message me if you want to know more.

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