How do you decide that I am what you need?

February 3, 2016

How do you make decisions? Have you ever paid attention to that? Are you good at make decisions and sticking to them or do you procrastinate a lot? 


We all have strategies for decision making and some work better than others.  Typically a good strategy for buying things, for example, needs to include a Motivator’ (A need or want), A Decision Making element (weighing up the available options based on price/requirements), A Convincer (How you tell yourself this is the right choice/decision), and finally  Reassurance (How you know you’ve made a good purchase). This last step is important as it avoids buyer remorse.  It’s also often done externally for example buy reading positive online reviews or running it past a good friend (usually one you know will share your opinion!!)


People who don’t have all of the above steps can run into issues.  For example if you’re Motivation to buy is always kinaesthetic (based on a good feeling) and you skip the Decision Making stage and your Convincer  is also Kinaesthetic (the same good feeling) you can end up just buying and buying as you have no internal or external regulation and feedback in your strategy. On the other side of the fence if you have too many Decision Making steps, no clear Convincer and skip the Reassurance  stage (usually by going back into the Decision making loop) you end up buying very little or regretting everything you buy!!


Next time you’re making a decision about something, particularly a purchase decision, why not notice how you do it?! It’s worth thinking about, especially as a good sales person may know your strategy better than you!!


As a therapist I see this from the receiving end as people decide whether to buy my service. Some people have clearly been through the whole strategy and call me or email to asking for an appointment there and then. Decision made. Others are clearly still in the Decision Making stage and are weighing up their options. They usually ask questions about my experience (particularly in relation to their particular issue), what I have to offer (including my confidence that I can help) and prices. They also often seek reassurance that I’m not going to put them into a deep trance and make weird suggestions!! And that’s all good - for many people I’m the right choice, but not for everyone. Therapy is a very personal process.  That’s why I always offer an opportunity to have a free no obligation chat as part of my service.


Where it can get interesting is where people use me  as their external source of Reassurance. In these situations they want me  to tell them  that they are making the right choice! That it will definitely work, that I can fix it. And that presents me with a conundrum - on the one hand I know that confidence in me and the approach I use will make a difference to outcomes. I also know that what I do is effective. BUT, I can’t make guarantees, and it is you the client that will do the work and make the change. In these cases I choose to tell people just that. And see what happens. Why? Because experience has taught me to trust in honesty, integrity and in other people to do what is right for themselves - eventually.


At the end of the day people who I can help will find me or I’ll find them. However, if you are still thinking about it, why not give me a call - it might just get you to where you need to be a bit more quickly - one way or the other…. 


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