Don't Panic - Stay Calm and Carry On!

June 17, 2016


The above statements are of particular interest to mean as someone who spends of alot of time working with the subconscious. They are effectively saying the same thing - but they communicate something very different. If someone were to shout ‘Don’t Panic’ what would you do? Probably start to get anxious about what it is that shouldn’t be panicking about. The word you hear is “PANIC”, the ‘don’t’ bit is largely ignored. It’s a bit like saying to someone ‘don’t think about elephants’ or ‘try not to look down’ you know what you’re going to do…… 


‘Stay Calm’ on the other hand encourages you to do just that. In order to stay calm you need at some level to access what that statement means, what is it to be calm? And as your subconscious accesses memories of calm, you may find that state taking hold - unless of course you’re in a burning building!


Like everything else in life the more you practice something, the more you become an expert at it. So why not practice being calm? Take a few minutes each day to ‘imagine’ being calm and totally relaxed, maybe recall a time when you felt blissfully chilled, not a care in the world… you’l find that recalling that time will revivify the feeling.  And when you’ve got ‘that feeling’ just as you want it you can ‘anchor’ it for easy access in the future. Anchoring is simply setting up a trigger to regain the state at will.  You could squeeze two fingers together, clench your fist, take a deep breath, and imagine the word ‘calm’ or ‘bliss’ - just take care care to only anchor the same feeling at the same level of intensity. The benefit of this is twofold - firmly you can enjoy being calm more regularly and reliably. Secondly, if you know  you can be calm when you need to be, then panic and anxiety are less frightening because you know you can escape.


So, why not start to get your own portable chill machine.  Give it a go and let me know how you get on.

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