STOP PRESS - Human Beings Placed On The Emotionally Endangered List.

January 22, 2017

The NHS has reported a very worrying 42% increase in reported mental health issues in young people.  You can read about it here.


The article points the finger at a growing 'selfie' culture and the rise in exposure to Social Media and so on.


I often write about our 'reptile brain' the seat of fear and anxiety. Our modern brains just haven't developed the mechanisms to deal with modern stresses. Work stress, family stress, lifestyle stress, exam stress, lack of exercise and healthy food. This all leads to anxiety.


I also wonder if the onslaught of 24hr technology and culture is beginning to outstrip the capacity of family to nurture and build resilience in our young people - as parents we just can't compete. And whilst we proliferate as a species we are emotionally endangered as our environment shifts around us far quicker than we can adapt.  Oh, and what about the rise in poverty and inequality ....


But another thing, a bit 'off piste' I admit - what about technology and the impact on posture?  There is a growing body of evidence that demonstrates how we move (sit, walk and so on) impacts on mood - or how we feel, and how likely we are to make positive or negative statements about ourselves. You can read more about it here.


So many people walk around hunched over their mobile devices, staring at screens with the 'slopey shouldered' stereotype of a 'depressed gait' - looking down. Research would suggest that if you walk like that your self image will suffer. It's a double whammy, a perfect storm. We walk around like Zombies, isolated from our environment, socially excluding ourselves from real life and exposing ourselves to 24hr "like", approval or otherwise to boot.


So, I say, ditch your phones. Get out. Do something.  Have a daily screen amnesty. Eat as a family - no phones allowed, experience and enjoy your place in the living environment. Live.


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