On the Hypnotists Chair - what's it really like?

January 29, 2019


 What's the first thing that crosses your mind when you think of hypnosis?


A Swinging Watch -  look into my eyes?




Making a lemon taste like an apple?






Or making someone cluck like a chicken?


Well, any of those could be true, but none of those are necessary.


Now, I don't do stage hypnosis or street hypnosis or work in pubs and clubs, I'm purely a professional therapist.  However, I do use some hypnotic 'tricks' or phenomenon as we call it.  


Why? Well Hypnosis is all about imagination, if you can imagine it, you can do it! I know that and believe it but some people need convincing and that's when hypnotic phenomenon come into their own. I use them to convince people of the power of their imagination. If they can achieve fun and apparently miraculous things using their imagination what can their imagination do for them to release the problem that they've come to see me about?


That's an important question and one that I continually pose to my clients.


Your subconscious mind makes NO distinction between reality and imagination.  


Think of the last time you had a nightmare and woke up heart racing. Or, you've been talking to someone about  head-lice and you're scalp starts feeling itchy.


Or think about a food item that you hate, that makes you wretch. Think about the taste, the smell, the texture in your mouth and throat, the last time you ate and felt awful - do you start to feel sickly?


In all of those cases, a thought creates a physical response as if it were real! Hypnotists call them suggestions, and we are making them to ourselves and others all the time.


In future posts I'll be discussing in more detail how I use hypnosis with everything from pain to anxiety and severe tremors using the clients own imagination to bring about powerful changes.


For now, I leave you with this suggestion.  If there's some attitude, craving, feeling that's getting in the way of you being who you want to be or doing what you want to do. Do this.  Imagine it's gone.  Imagine you wake up in the morning  and it's not there anymore. Live as if it's gone.  imagine what you would do, what you would wear, how you would behave and live if it had disappeared. And do it.  And just notice what happens.







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